KNOWLEDGE : TEAMWORK : STRENGTH                                             

   We are one of the leading Electrical Buying Groups in our industry. We are a progressive, ambitious and forward thinking purchasing consortium, holding traditional values, yet understanding the need to adapt to an ever-changing industry. We are an independent negotiation body providing Members with unrivalled security and confidence that they are part of a cohesive team that is working toward a common goal.                                                                                                                   
 Through sharing common practices and Suppliers, and using our collective power to offer suppliers scale, AWEBB now has over 190 branches across the UK and Ireland, with a sales volume of over 3.2 million: working in ways that our Suppliers both respect and value. We respect our heritage and some of our original Members have been part of the Group for over 35 years!
Our core value is in our Members. Not only welcoming new independents to our Group, but sharing, listening and reacting! We've invested in our own centralised warehouse, sharing resources, information and repeatedly out performing our markets.
 Our service known as 'Electracentre' is aimed at contractors and 'end-users'. Owned by the Members and exclusively for the the Members, Electracentre Distribution is akin to having an extra 10,000 sq feet of warehouse space. It boasts a minimum stock holding of 500k, all of which is relevant to the day to day business of any electrical wholesaler.
Electracentre offers the Membership a next day delivery until 3pm reducing delivery lead-time, and the mixture of stock held at Electracentre and its £100 carriage paid order value, helps its Membership avoid problems with minimum order quantities direct from manufacturers.
Uniquely, the Centre has the capability in logisitics and buying power to take advantage of bulk opportunities and own brand initiatives, helping to keep its membership competitve and flexible when it comes to product offering.





Electracentre now also offers an online        platform which gives its Members 24/7 access to its stock along with an online marketing tool and an online branch locator.
With exciting new ways to trade and communicate and inform our audiences through     emerging channels and social media, AWEBB will ensure we deliver relevant campaigns. Challenging Suppliers to  provide data on their fastest moving lines, will inform strategic decisions and effective bulk buying initiatives. 
This digital evolution of our product and routes to market is an opportunity to get closer to our customers.
With product knowledge and training for the 'front line', our staff can add the value that 'just click' businesses 'just can't'! Through growing understanding and investment in data, clicks and mortor, our Members can be sure of product relevance to our supply chain and customers alike.
We set aspirational targets and high standards of collective purchasing because we recognise the strength that we have, and the value that is brings our suppliers when we aim high.
Through knowledge, teamwork and strength AWEBB will focus on fundamental values: Always operating in the interests of our Members, embracing new technologies for data and marketing, leveraging our scale for bulk buying, investing in our brands, sharing experiences, embracing new members, and delivering dynamic group benefits.



























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